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      About GLIG
      Carrying century-lasting classics to serve life of customers
      Business Scope
      What we do
      Building an internationally competitive
      consumer goods and service group
      Strategic Partners
      During the period of COVID-19 epidemic and economic downturn, China-Pakistan Textile Cooperation Online Forum opened on 4th February, hosted by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT) and Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai. This online forum committed to promoting economic and trade exchanges and deepening bilateral cooperation.
      The spring spreads good news and everything is full of vitality. In 2021, our company will focus on the annual strategic deployment of "focusing on the main business for breakthroughs, create new situation with innovation and empowerment", innovating marketing measures, and consolidating the basic business. In the first month of the beginning of this year, we achieved growth of foreign trade exports despite difficult international market environment, which is a good start to this year for sales in overseas markets.